Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Box Issues

My cable box died.

The girls were in my room watching Spongebob, and it just completely quit working. Normally, one phone call would fix the problem...they can zap it back to life through the cable wire.

Not this time.

It could not be revived.

So after work Junior is going to swing by the cable company and get me a new box. Then go pay ou rent, then go pay our power bill...all while I enjoy the day inside, away from the sun.

My shoulders and arms and chest are still on fire.....

1 comment:

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

I have a gross thing to do to take the fire out if your up for it...

If you take a couple of washrags and soak them in vinegar and lay them on your arms where the sun burn is, it will take the pain out of them.

You'll still be red but with no pain.

Then soak, swim, slather aloe all on it to revive your burnt skin!!!

I swear by aloe!