Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I love this movie! I watched it once with the girls, and can watch it over and over again. I am actually listening to it now. It does have my crush, James Marsden in it, but aside from that, it has a cute little storyline.

Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter find Giselle (Amy Adams) standing on a billboard, trying to enter the castle advertisement. Giselle has been recently tricked by her future MIL (Susan Sarandon) from her old world (cartoon world) and finds herself in a strange place with strange emotions. Robert wants to help Giselle find her way home, but Giselle is sure her Prince Charming, Edward (James Marsden) will come and rescue her, which he does, complete with a talking chipmunk. Along the way, Giselle learns to feel different emotions besides happiness, and Robert learns how to love with his whole heart.

This is one of those movies, like Hairspray (another Marsden movie) and HSM series that I love to watch, even when the kids are in school, that Junior makes fun of me for. Maybe I'm just still a kid at heart...

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