Friday, April 10, 2009


When we moved last July, it was really hard on us. It was only a few weeks after my surgery, and I was not able to lift anything at all. Luckily, Ryan was a big help, and packed most of the house up himself. The only problem was that he had to use pretty small boxes, because he couldn't carry anything that heavy, either. When moving day came, all we had was Junior's little trailer, so we had to make numerous trips. If I remember correctly, we made about fifty trips back and forth. It took us a few days to get everything moved, and I wasn't able to unpack things right away. I was still healing. I would have given anything to have had someone come in and pack up everything for us, load it all into a huge truck, and move it themselves. This is exactly what you can get from Houston Mover. They are insured and bonded, and have all the equipment needed to move all of your belongings safely. They even offer packing and unpacking assistance for an additional charge, and I seriously would have paid anything for that when I moved. I just couldn't convince Junior. In the end, he ended up doing most of the work, because I couldn't. I got to supervise, which is the best job to have anyway.

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