Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One For All

I saw an add in the classified section of our newspaper advertising the sale of Vending Machines. The person running the add stressed the money making potential of these machines, and said he just did not have the time anymore necessary to keep the machines fully stocked. I am guessing that if you have the machine in a good, high traffic place, you could make a nice amount of money.

So I went online and looked around to see what I could find about starting my own Vending Machine Business . I discovered that the best way to be profitable with a Vending Business is to use ones that can hold a variety of products. Businesses may be more likely to put a single machine in their break rooms, instead of one for drinks and one for food. I also found that if you offer a variety of drink, instead of just one brand, you may be more successful. Offering energy drinks along side sports drinks and sodas gives you more of a chance of making a sale. Add food to the mix, and what more does a person need? They can get everything they want out of one machine, and you keep all the profits. Doesn't sound like a bad deal, does it?

Now I just have to find the money to get the machine...

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