Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bathroom Fixes

Do you remember a few weeks ago I wrote about how my bathtub was leaking? No matter how hard you turned the knobs, the water would not turn off. We put in a call to the management company, and they said they would be out the next day.

They never showed. In fact, we waited a week, and they never came. I wanted to call them again, but Junior insisted on fixing it himself. I wish he had just called a Riverside Plumber and then sent the management company the bill, but he wouldn't do that either. It cost us about ten dollars, but he got it fixed in about twenty minutes, and it's been fine since. Of course, once we fix one thing, another thing breaks. You know that little lever that stops the water from draining? Well, I kind of snapped ours off. This means that our tub no longer drains properly, because when I broke it, it stayed half shut. So when we take showers, we end up standing in the water. I want Junior to call and tell the management company, but he wants to fix it himself. Now tell me, what is the point of having a management company of we don't let them fix things?

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