Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Hate My Skin

Ever since I had kids, my skin has been crazy. Some days it's too oily, and other days it's too dry. To be honest, I would rather have oily skin, because at least with that I don't have flakes.

Yes, that's right. When my skin gets dry, it looks like I have dandruff all over my body. My face gets especially flaky, especially during the winter months. In the past I have blamed it on the dry heat in the house, which I am sure contributed some, and to the hot, steamy showers I like to take. During the nicer months of the year, I find my skin does better. Probably because there is no heat in the house, and I don't take hot showers. But, like I said, these are my reasons. I am going to do a little digging and see if maybe I can find the real reasons behind my dry skin. I am secretly hoping that I am right!

Well, I did find some interesting facts. Dry Skin can be caused by a hormone imbalance,
eczema, and even improperly hydrated skin. Allergic reactions can also cause skin to dry out. I didn't see anything about hot showers or heat, but I am pretty sure that those two thing can lead to skin not being properly hydrated. Add to that the fact that I only like to drink water in the summer...weird, I know...and I'm pretty sure we are looking at a problem that can be easily treated. I think I need to use a moisturizer on my face, especially one that is formulated to help my skin stay hydrated. I am guilty of using soap on my face every day, which my sister says does not help my skin, and can actually make my problems worse. I should have followed my mother's example. She has used the same product on her face ever since I was a little girl, and she still has beautiful skin.

I am off to find a product that will help my dry/oily/combination horrible skin.

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