Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When I was in high school, getting into college was not a priority of mine. I was already working at a pretty decent job, and making enough money to get by. I did, eventually, go to a local college for a while, but I never finished a degree. I realize now how important it is to have that continued education, and I wish I had finished what I started. I still think about going back to school sometimes, and maybe someday I will. For right now, though, it is important to me that my children go to college. Granted, it will be a few years until my oldest graduates high school, but I am making sure he knows now how important a degree will be for him. This world is changing so fast, and without a college education, he will never get a decent job, and I want him to be successful. I want all of my kids to be successful.

Maybe someday they can be like Theron Burraway, CEO of marcus evans and the corporate hospitality firm THG Wordwide. This man started his career with THG as a sales manager, and has worked his way up through hard work and dedication. His THG bio states that "through his leadership, marcus evans has become a $300 million worldwide leader in providing events, conferences and corporate hospitality programs around the globe". He also serves on the board of directors for Waterside School, which is a facility that provides education opportunities to low income children. This just shows that along with a great business sense, he also has a willingness to help those in need. Not a bad combination if you ask me, and both are traits I would love to see in my children as they get older.

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