Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brandi Needs New Shoes

This morning was just like any morning. I got the kids up for school, and picked out Brandi's clothes. It is supposed to be kind of nice out today, so I had jeans and a short sleeved shirt for her to put on.

After getting fully dressed, she decided that she wanted to wear a dress. She is definitely my girlie girl. She loves to wear dresses and have her hair put up. But, this morning, I told her since she was already dressed, that she could wear a dress tomorrow. That statement brought on the tears. Finally, after five minutes of arguing, I gave in and picked her out a skort and a shirt to match. Once she was dressed, again, I asked her why it was so important that she wear a dress today?

I about fell over laughing when I heard her answer. On Thursdays, her class goes to the library. During this time, they have to sit and read quietly. If you wear a dress, you get to sit on the couch instead of the floor. So all the girls in her class wear dresses on Thursdays. I thin this is hysterical!

My biggest problem with her wearing dresses now is that she doesn't have any Spring shoes. She got quite a few Summery dresses for Christmas, but they just don't match her black sparkly flats. I was browsing the Stride Rite website and found these cute little sandals. They are Stride Rite Girls White Tulip Sandals. Aren't they cute! They would be perfect for her to wear with her Spring and Summer clothes. What's even better is that they are on sale right now, too. I just love saving money!

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