Friday, April 17, 2009

Ryan And His Buildings

Ryan loves to build things. When we lived at the old house, he built a garage type building for his bikes, a dog house for the cats to stay in, and he built ramps to jump with his bike. He loves when Junior lets him use the power tools, and he is actually pretty good with them. If you remember, a few weeks ago he built the boxes for my garden to be planted in.

The past few days he has been working on a special project. He's not building anything right now, but he is working on the plans. He keeps asking me questions like "how big of a craft area do I need?" and "do I need benches or just tables?". When I asked him why he wanted to know, he refused to tell me. I did, however, overhear him talking to Junior about building me a shed type craft room outside. Of course, half of it would be his to do his work in, and half would be mine. How sweet is that?

I just hope we don't end up needing to consult with any San Francisco general contractors. I have faith that Ryan can do whatever he sets his mind to, even if it takes him a couple of years.

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