Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Is it wrong that I want this in my backyard? What do you think the odds are that I can talk our landlords into putting it in? Yeah, I know. I'm dreaming again. But it is so beautiful. Last weekend, my kids cooled off by running through the sprinkler. It would be much more fun to swim in a beautiful pool.

When we get our own place eventually, I am going to hire Pool contractors to come in and design a pool for me. I want waterfalls, a diving board, and maybe even a hot tub. I know they can do so many things to make pools unique to each individual. My sister looked at Walnut Creek pools last year when she had a pool installed. I haven't seen it yet, because she lives in New York, but I know she had a lot of brick work done, and the pool is not the normal rectangular shape that most in ground pools are. I think she looked at Modesto pools, too. I want to look at everything that is available when the time comes for me to get a pool, because I want to make an informed decision. I wonder if you can get a purple liner put in?


Tammy said...

You get one of those and I'm moving in with you! ;o)

Sam, Missy and Alex said...

that is beautiful