Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday Money

Kasi racked up quite a bit of money at her party on Saturday. She walked away with $80 in cash, not counting the gift cards she got. She already spent her Walmart one on a jacket and a pair of sneakers, and she wants to spend some of the rest of her money on more Shoes. The sneakers she just bought are cute enough, but they were cheap, which means they will fall apart pretty quickly. I would like for her to invest in a good pair of sneakers so they will last. I know my sister loves Stride Rite Shoes, but I don't think they carry shoes in her size. Her feet are as big as mine these days. She is wearing a size 6 in women's shoes.

Kasi was looking at Converse Shoes online and found this really cute pink pair. They are not my style, that's for sure, but when you are twelve, I guess you can pull them off. Now, if they were purple, I might consider getting myself a pair.

I won't mind if Kasi ends up buying these shoes, because I know they will last a while. I would rather her spend more on a pair of shoes I know she will get some wear out of, instead of constantly spending money on cheap shoes that fall apart in a few weeks.

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