Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, This Is Bad

I can not stop playing Farm Town. It's crazy, I know. My mom started all this, and she told me a secret the other day. If you hire people to harvest your crops, you get more money for them. If you get a job to harvest someone's crops, you can make LOADS of money. When I woke up this morning, I had 8,000 coins, because I spent 50,000 yesterday buying more land. Right now I have over 80,000, just from working on other people's farms. This is why I am not blogging. I am too busy playing.

Is it time for an intervention?

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The Pauline Goat Ranchers said...

Any other time I would say yes,lol but I am believing that this will fade like Bubbletown. I'm not worried because its fun now and I know there will be another game that has us all addicted again once this fades out!
GIRL you are killing me, you are rocking at every game you play-remind me to never come and play baord games at your house-you'd kill me! :}

Off to tend my farm now...heehee