Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unlikely Vacation Place


Not a place that would jump out to me as a vacation spot.

Until today.

I can not believe the amount of things there are to do there, most at really amazing prices. You can find cheap flights to Bangkok and be on your way. I have read that they have some of the best hotels in the world, and that they have amazing spas. These spas offer every kind of massage imaginable, and all at a great price. There are golf courses for the guys, and world class cinemas for us girls. These theaters are said to have lounge like sitting, where you can comfortable watch a movie while drinking and eating snacks. These theaters hold between twenty and forty people, making it an intimate experience. I think it sounds pretty cool.

The one thing I would not want to miss is the Snake Farm. This snake farm produces a large amount of anti-venon, and from what I read, they put on an amazing show with the snakes. I know my husband and son would love this, and the girls and I would probably enjoy it too. We could also visit Crocodile Farm where we can throw chicken to the crocodiles and watch them eat. They also have the crazy man who puts his head in the crocodiles mouth. I would love to see that!

These are only a few things to do while in Bangkok. I haven't even mentioned the food or the bars. I would definitely have fun vacationing here, so I guess I should start saving my money.

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