Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mowing, Mowing, Mowing

For the past two months, I have been cutting our neighbors grass because they don't have a mower. Today I cut grass, and you can see in the picture what I cut.

Just our side. I am no longer doing for them, when they have been so nasty about their dog. It's funny, but the neighbor came in while we were outside today, and didn't wave or anything like he normally does. We ran to the store, and when we came back, he was outside and he waved. When we got out of the van, he said hey and asked how we were doing.

Wanna know why he was so nice?

Because he had that flippin' dog outside without a leash, and he knows that we know that he was told yesterday that the dog had to be on a leash for the five days that he has to get rid of it.

Did that just make sense? Let's try again.

He was given five days yesterday, by the management company, to get rid of the dog.
Until he does, the dog MUST be on a leash when outside.
The owner's wife told me that herself.
He knows I won't think twice about reporting him again.

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