Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finding A New Bank

Junior and I have a checking account at a bank that specializes in giving people a second chance. We hadn't had a bank account in a while, and now that we have this one, we can build up our "bank rating". Basically, if we don't bounce anything in a year, we can go to a "real" bank and transfer our account over.

This summer, it will be a year, and we've yet to bounce a check. This means I need to start looking into banks. I don't know much about cd rates or interest rates, so I have a lot of research to do.

I better get on it, too.

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-Michelle @ The Unreadiest said...

Hi there! :) I found you through Entrecard. I love your craft blog!!! I recently started a craft blog of my own (although it won't focus only on crafts.) I started a blog carnival called Fall Into Your Family Friday. I hope you'll participate! :)