Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Holes

Looks like our apartment isn't the only thing around here that needs some work. As most of you know, we're having Kasi's birthday later this afternoon. Last night I was trying to get things organized, and I needed two coolers that Junior had stored in our shed.

Ryan went out there, and as he got further and further back into the shed, it was obvious that the roof has been leaking. I kind of guesses we had a problem out there when my Easter box got ruined, but I thought it was just the one box. I was wrong. Most of the boxes are rubbermaid bins, so they are sealed pretty good. The cardboard boxes are destroyed, and to be honest, I don't even remember what is in them. I wish the management company would send out a San Jose Roofer to take care of the roof out there, and the apartment's roof. I would love to be able to not have to worry about putting out buckets every time it rains.

My coolers were found, though, and not full of water. Junior is going to wash them out tomorrow, and I am going to put the punch in it for the party. They are the round ones that have the little nozzle on the front where the drink comes out. i think it will be perfect for the kids.

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