Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Kitchen Sink

I am having the worst luck with my kitchen sink. Do you remember a few months ago when the hot water pipe burst? Junior fixed it himself, but he only put a temporary fix on it Yesterday, it started leaking again. This time, it's just a slow drip, and not a major flood. We have yet another call into the management company, and they said they would send someone out tomorrow. I hope it's someone from Salt Lake City Plumbing who knows what he's doing.

Speaking of the management company, they still haven't come out about the dog next door. I think the girl went back to work, because she was gone all morning. But as soon as she got home this afternoon, she booted the dog out the door. This was right around the time I was getting Brandi off the bus, so as I was waiting, I watched the dog go in my yard and poop. I was so mad. When we were walking past her door, the neighbor was standing outside smoking. I told Brandi, very loudly, to watch out for the poop. She asked where it was, and I said it was everywhere. I hope the girl took the hint, but I doubt it. Hopefully when they come out to look at my sink they will see the dog.

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