Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cute Maternity Clothes

As most of you know, two of my sister's are having babies. My older sister is almost six months along, and my youngest sister is about four. Tami, my oldest sister gave away all of her maternity clothes after her last son was born six years ago, never expecting to get pregnant again. It's a good thing she likes to shop, because she has had to buy all new clothes.

I was looking online for cute maternity clothes for her, because she doesn't like the computer too much. I found this cute little tank top at and think it would look great on her. Unlike me, she is skinny, and I think she would love this pattern. If she doesn't, I am sure she will find something she likes, because they have a big selection of maternity clothes. Their prices are great, too, about 75% cheaper than a boutique. I can even give her this code, "blogfriends", to use at checkout to get 20% off her order. You can use that code, too. I am all about sharing the savings.

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