Tuesday, May 19, 2009

House Painting

My sister is moving. She put her house up for sale a few weeks ago, and it sold already. Now she has to find somewhere to live. Her and her husband have been looking at houses, but I don't think they have found exactly what they are looking for yet. I know when they do find a house, she is going to want to decorate it the way she wants it. That means lots of painting, I'm sure. I know she will want to do Carson's room in blue, and the new baby's room is going to be brown, I think. She bought the cutest green and brown crib set, and will accent with either blue or pink, depending on what the baby is. She is determined not to find out until delivery, but we're all hoping she will change her mind. If she waits until after the baby is born, she will need to hire a Phoenix Painter because she won't have the time to do it herself. She's going to be so busy with the new baby, and adjusting to having two kids, she won't have time to do anything. Luckily I will be available to lend her a hand.

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