Friday, May 29, 2009

Front Of The Line Manta Pass

Did you watch that video? I want to go ride the Manta right now. It looks awesome! I love when they went over the water and they got splashed. That is too cool.

In case you don't know, the Manta is SeaWorld Orlando's newest roller coaster. As you saw in the video, you lay face down the entire ride. I have never been on a coaster like that, and now I really, really want to. If you want to ride it too, make sure and enter the contest to win a "front of the line" pass. It's so easy to enter, too. They have six different things you need to do.

First, take the Manta quiz. It's five simple questions, and you can find the answers throughout the Manta site, or by following Shamu on Twitter. Pretty easy, right?

Second, Take a picture that says "I heart Manta" and upload it to flickr. Still pretty easy.

Third, get your friends to ride with you. They will get a code to use to sign up, and once you have three friends in the row with you, you've completed this step.

Fourth, make a video showing how excited you are to be riding the Manta. Upload that video to YouTube. Still pretty easy.

Fifth, wear the Manta mask. you can download it, cut it out, put it on, take a picture, and upload that picture to flickr. A few more steps to this one, but well worth the effort.

And lastly, follow @RealShamu on Twitter.

That's it. Complete all six steps, and you get a "front of the line" pass.

Maybe I'll see you there!

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