Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going To Disney

I remember the first time I went to Disney World. I was twenty two years old, and I went with my mother and my sisters. I was always jealous as a kid of all my classmates that got to go to Florida on vacations, and I was so excited to finally be going myself. I rode all the rides, and my favorite was the haunted house. I was in awe of the ghosts that they had flying around the room. They looked so real!

It's been fourteen years since I've been, and in those fourteen years I have had kids of my own. I would love for them to experience the wonders of Disney World while they are young, and staying in Kissimmee would make that possible. I want to share with my children the beauty of the park. I want to see Brandi's eyes light up as she sees the Magic Kingdom for the first time. I want to hear Kasi laugh as we ride Space Mountain together. I want to watch Ryan shake Mickey Mouse's hand. And I want to see those ghosts again.

It would make it easier to have this dream come true for me if I was to win one of these awesome vacations that Kissimmee is giving away. I could win one of three weekend getaways (3 days/2 nights) for two; or one of two week-long vacations for four. I would prefer the weeklong vacation, but would be happy winning either. Their last drawing will be around June 1, so hurry up and enter to win.

I know I did.


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B Boys Mom said...

You would of hated me as a kid. I went every year once it was opened as a kid. I loved it. We have taken our kids down there but only went to Disney once. There now is so much to do in the Orlando area.