Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Decided

I have finally decided what I want to make for the teacher's end of the year gifts. A few years ago, at Christmas time, I made potpourri jars for my sisters and the kids teachers. They were really easy to make, and didn't cost too much money. In fact, I think I got the potpourri at a dollar store. All I did was crochet a little doily that I tied to the top of the jar with a pretty ribbon. Of course, the jar was filled with the potpourri. When I made those, I used empty food jars. This year I want to use some pretty jars instead.

I found these cute little bean pot jars at They have glass jars for bulk sale, or you can buy just what you need. I like that the lids come separately, because I don't use the lids when I make my potpourri jars. Of course, if you want the lids, they do have them for sale. They had all different styles of jars to choose from. I had a tough time deciding between these and the honey pot jars.

These jars are designed to be used to make candles, but if you are like me, you can think of a hundred other uses for them. I would love to get a few, fill them with black and white marbles, to use as a centerpiece on my kitchen table. I think that would look so pretty.


Judy said...

Great idea! I've made the potpourri jars too. I, however, bought doilies (how unimaginative)...@ Xmas time, I put a small strand of white Xmas lights inside the jar letting the cord hang down the back, fastened the doily in place with ribbon and small flowers...made a nice night light...when the lights got warm (they did NOT get hot enough to burn), they made the potpourri fragrance even more noticeable.

jenn said...

What a great idea!