Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Number

I had my phone number changed yesterday. When we moved, the number they gave me was apparently used fairly recently by a woman who didn't pay a bill in her life. I started getting calls from collection agencies, and at first, I just said they had the wrong number.

But they continued to call.

A couple of weeks ago, I had one man call me around 8:30pm, and when I told him I wasn't "Betty", he flat out accused me of lying. I told him to call information, give them the number, and see what name came up. I told him it would be mine. Then he started with the "well, do you know where Betty is or how I can get in touch with her.

How would I know that?

Then he started acting all nice and telling me the company he was calling from, and "how was my day so far?"

I was very frustrated at this point, so I just said it was fine until I got a phone call from an asswipe. Then I hung up.

Yeah, not very ladylike, I admit. About an hour later, he calls back, and asks for me by name. Then he says, "well, since I'm an asswipe, I guess I'll act like one, and keep calling you back".

Professional, right?

I call the number that came up on my caller ID, and it's him. I ask to speak to his supervisor, and he says, "sure, how many would you like to speak to?", and then hung up on me. I went online and tried to find the name of the business from the number, but I couldn't. So for the past two weeks, he has been calling. He'll ask for "betty", and when I say he has the wrong number, he says, "OH, that's right". and hangs up on me. Okay, can you say total asswipe?

Yesterday I had enough, and had my number changed. To a private number.

Maybe now this guy will leave me alone.

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