Monday, May 25, 2009

Dating Then And Now

Junior and I have been doing great in therapy. We have started going every other week instead of every week, and it seems to be working well. I really like our therapist. She is young, and she makes Junior look at things from a different perspective. She asked us how we met recently, and it was fun to share the story with someone who had never heard it before.

It got me wondering if we would have met on our own. People believe in fate, and maybe Junior and I were fated to be together. If Joy hadn't introduced us, maybe we would have met another way. Online dating services weren't popular back then, and neither were chat rooms. It's not like these days where you can hop online and join free jewish chat rooms to find your soul mate. Fifteen years ago, it was eight hundred numbers. No, I never called one. I'm just saying that times were so different, even though it was not that long ago.

I am just so glad I have Junior, and that we are happy. I hope I never have to date again. It's too hard. Plus, I would have to stop telling the story of how we met, and I like that story.

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