Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking Good While Pregnant

I have two sisters who are pregnant. My sister Tami is due in September, and my sister Colleen is due in November. They are both pretty thin, and are able to wear the cutest Maternity Clothes. I remember when I was pregnant, I was so big nothing looked good on me, and I was always uncomfortable. They also didn't have these cute Hooter Hiders when I had infants. The one in the picture actually matches the bedding in Colleen's nursery. She nursed her first son, and I am pretty sure that she plans to nurse this one, too. I think she would love this.

Tami is having a hard time finding Nursery Ideas that she likes. She knows she is having a boy, and it's her third, so she feels like she's been there, done that with every idea she sees. I think she is leaning towards a sports theme, but with her, you never know. She changes her mind every other day. I just hope that whatever she decides, I can crochet a blanket to match.

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