Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Good And The Bad

I have been thinking lately that I want to move. I am tired of the leaky roof. I am even more tired of our neighbors and their stupid dog. I hate that we only have two bedrooms for the five of us, and I am tired of having no privacy. The best option would be to move to some place bigger, but as much as I am thinking about it, I am not sure if it is a good idea at this point.

The kids are happy here. Ryan loves that he has the creek to fish in whenever he wants. The girls love our big front yard where they can ride their bikes and play outside. We could solve our bedroom problem by having a Wichita Remodeling company come in and give us an estimate on putting up a wall in the girls bedroom. It would at least give them each a little privacy, and their own space for all their posters.

Today we were in Walmart, and Brandi was complaining about how all her bedroom stuff is Dora. She's had it for a couple of years, and thinks she has outgrown it. She wants all new Hannah Montana and HSM stuff. She's only seven! I need her to not grow up. She's my last baby.

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