Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yesterday, I wanted corn on the cob. I just wanted to run to Walmart because they had them 4/$1.00, but Junior didn't want to drive that far. He just wanted to run to one of the local produce stands.

We went to our favorite one, but they were out of corn. Imagine that, out of corn on a Holiday weekend. There was a different stand between that one and our house, so we stopped there. They had pre-shucked corn bagged in the cooler, so I grabbed two bags, which was ten ears of corn. There was no price, so when the girl rung it up, I was shocked when she said six dollars. I should have said right there to forget it, but I really wanted corn.

She swiped my debit card, but the machine was out of ink. The owner came over, and after pressing all the buttons, she swiped the card again, thinking it didn't go through. The other girl said it went through twice, so she refunded six dollars back to my card. I had no idea what they did, but i signed the paper, and left.

As soon as we were in the car, I looked at Junior and told him I was going online when we got home, because my bank has instant access, and I could see exactly what they did. I checked as soon as I walked in the door, and sure enough, they had charged me three times, but only refunded one charge back to the card. Of course, my printer has no ink, so I took a picture of my screen with my camera, and off we went. I was so mad that I just locked and shut the front door, not realizing that Junior didn't grab his keys. I wish we had called a Scottsdale Locksmith but Junior was impatient, so he broke into the house. He broke my doorknob in the process, but we were on our way soon enough.

I walked back into the produce stand, and told the lady that she had charged me three times, and only refunded one. I told her I could show her on my bank statement, and handed her my card. She didn't look at my camera; she just opened the cash drawer and handed me six dollars. I stood there for a second, and VERY rudely she says to me, "that's what I owe you, right?". I said yes, and before I could say anything else, she says, "what else do you want?". I, very calmly, said I wanted my debit card back. She just grunted, and gave it back to me. I have no idea why she was angry with me, when I was a s nice as could be pointing out THEIR mistake.

I will never go back there, no matter how badly I want corn on the cob.

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