Sunday, May 24, 2009

Drinking And Driving

My husband has this friend. I won't say his name, but I will tell you all about him. He is a father of three, and grandfather of two and a half. His youngest daughter just had a baby. She is only fifteen years old. His son is constantly in trouble in school, and spends more time suspended than in class. His oldest daughter is twenty, and has been discharged from the army, though I am not sure why. She is pregnant with her second child, whose father is the same as her first child, but not her husband. Did you follow all that?

I bet you're asking how this guy copes with all this? By drinking and smoking. The bad thing is that he drinks and drives. He has spent time in jail because of it, and has lost his license more than once. We live in South Carolina, and he lives right on the border of South and North Carolina. He likes to take his motorcycle and ride into North Carolina, and he has been stopped for DWI Durham. The local attorneys here wouldn't handle his case, so he had to hire a DWI Lawyer Durham. His license was suspended again for a few months, and he had to get SR22 car insurance. You would think that this would make him stop drinking and driving, but it doesn't. Just a few months ago he hit a tree. Luckily it was late at night, and no one else was around. He needs to be careful, because one of these days he is going to kill someone, and then he will need a lawyer for Criminal Offense Durham. I hope he straightens up before something tragic happens.

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