Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cooling The House

The apartment we live in does not have central air. When we signed the lease, there was one broken a/c unit in the wall, and they said they would replace it. We weren't in too much of a rush, because we had our own units to go in the windows. The only problem is that our windows are small, and the units are big. It took Junior and one of his friends about an hour to figure out how to shimmy the unit into the window. I was afraid that they were going to break the glass because they were slamming the window up, and using screwdrivers and all kinds of things to get the window up just a little more. They finally got it in, but it blocks the sun from coming into the living room.

It is almost time to resign the lease, and if we do, Junior is going to ask if we can take out the broken unit in the wall and put ours in the hole. He says it will fit, but we will have a problem with the plug. The old unit is a 220, and our unit is not. The management company may need to call in a Tampa Electrician to switch out the plugs. It's the least they can do since they never replaced the broken unit like they were supposed to.


Tammy said...

I love my air conditioner! I would never get through summer without it. I hate the heat and sweating.

B Boys Mom said...

Doesn't seem like every project has a little more work then we first think. Good luck with your AC problems.