Monday, May 25, 2009

Getting Out Of Debt

Junior and I have had problems in the past with our credit. There was a time when we owed more money than we were bringing in. We thought about Debt Negotiation, and actually went and talked to someone about filing bankruptcy. We were advised that because we owned less then $5,000, bankruptcy was not a good option for us, because it would cost too much in lawyer fees and court costs. We just had to rein in our spending, and eventually we were making progress towards paying everything off. Unfortunately, our credit rating suffered. It had taken us years, but we are finally getting it back up. It's no where near where we would like it, but it is also not where it was.

We looked into Debt Relief and were surprised at how helpful people can be. They were willing to negotiate our credit card debt, and work out settlement payments, which could have saved us tons of money. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough credit card debt to warrant these services. This was also many years ago, and nowadays, these companies are more than willing to assist everyone in becoming debt free.

With Debt Reduction you can pay off your debts in lower amounts, and with convenient payments. Of course, your credit rating may be negatively impacted for a while, but if you have bad credit to begin with, it makes sense to take positive steps towards reducing your debt. Your credit rating will improve once your debts are paid, so it is worth it in the end.

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