Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Kids Show

Mark June 23 on your calender if you have kids who love to ask questions. I have one of those kids who wants to know everything about everything, and sometimes I find myself making up answers just to get her to stop. I know, that's horrible of me, but really, do YOU know why the sky is blue and not green, and why the grass is green and not blue? I didn't thing so.

But starting in June, there will be a new web show airing that will answer the tough questions. Mr. Example and his friend Rodney will take the tough stuff, and find the answers your kids are looking for. Kids FAQ is also looking for kids to ask the questions. Just take a webcam video of you kid asking a question, and if they use it on the show, your kid will get a $50 gift card to ToysRUs. They will even send a gift card for the same amount to a kid in need at Saint Judes Children's Hospital. That's pretty cool.

They also have games on their site, and we all know how kids like to play games. I was checking out their games, and the few I tried are fun. They have many different games, so there should be something for everyone.

I am excited to see what the show is going to be like, and hope that my kids will enjoy it.

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Blondie77 said...

What a great idea! My Kids drive me crazy with all sorts of questions and you can't google everything. It's nice to see educational shows for Children on TV. I look forward to Kids FAQ and will be sure to tell everyone about it.