Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Wedding Rings

For years, Junior worked in a busy truck stop. He was the order writer, but he also helped the mechanics work on the big trucks. It was dangerous for him to wear jewelry in the shop, so he took off his Wedding Ring. I didn't mind too much. I mean, I didn't need him to wear a ring to know that he loved me.

When he started working at The Home Depot, he decided to start wearing it again. He went to put it on, but it was too small. We could have it resized, but I would rather just get a new ring for him. I was looking at the titanium grades that are used to make rings, and decided that I love these black tungsten rings. I love the way the silver and black look together. I want to get us both new rings, but my engagement and wedding rings are gold, and that band just wouldn't match. I may have to look into having my diamond reset into a titanium band, that way I can wear that wedding band. Is it horrible that I want my wedding set to have black in it? Is that a sign of bad luck?

I think I'll take my chances. It's been almost fourteen years already. I think we'll make it no matter what color our rings are.

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