Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Still Leaking Roof

Do you want to know something frustrating?

My roof is STILL leaking. I don't know what to do anymore. We have called the management company numerous times, and they always say they will send someone out when it stops raining, but they never do. Wait, I take that back. They have sent someone out, twice. And both times the guys got on the roof and supposedly patched the hole with filler or tar or something. Junior was out there, and they told him both times that they found big holes, but that they were fixed.

Yeah, fixed until the next time it rained. I am ready to get in touch with some real Roof Repair 22031 guys to see what they can do to help us. Kasi's bed gets wet every time it rains, because I always forget to put a bucket on there when it starts. The management company needs to send out people who know about Roof Repair in Haymarket, VA. Maybe they can teach their roofing guy what he's doing wrong.

Because he is doing something wrong. If he knew what he was doing, like guys who do Roof Replacement in Gainesville, VA do, we wouldn't have this continuing problem.

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