Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Party Time, Almost

Kasi's party is all planned out for next weekend. I can not believe she is going to be twelve years old. I know she has so many things to look forward to as she enters her teen age years, and I hope we can maintain the same relationship we have right now.

We decided on a Hawaiian themed party, and I have a lot of decorating to do. I hope the weather is nice, because I want to have the party outside. My yard needs a lot of work first, though. I need to mow and weed eat the grass. The garden needs to have some weeds pulled. I wish I could plant some flowers, but my yard is not set up for that. With all the rain we have gotten lately, the grass in my yard is so soggy, and it's like one big mud puddle. I may have to consult a Chicago Landscaper to get some ideas of what I can do to make my yard more appealing. I know it's too late for next weekend, but the summer is just beginning, and I want to be able to cook out a lot. I would love for my yard to look great when I do.

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