Friday, May 8, 2009

Toys, And More Toys

I was browsing the MEGA Brands website because I need something for Kasi for her birthday next week. I loved their selection of toys, and even though I was only looking for something for Kasi, I found things that all of my kids would love.

Brandi is my artist, and she would kill for this RoseArt 108 piece art set. It comes with 18 colored pencils, 36 crayons, 22 markers, 18 oil pastels, 12 water colors, a pencil sharpener and a paintbrush, all in a sturdy plastic container. Add a pack of construction paper, and I wouldn't see her for days. She is so creative, and she has an awesome imagination. I know anything she created with this would be a masterpiece.

I did find something for Kasi, too. She loves doing puzzles, and I found this Lassen 12 puzzles in one. It comes with four 100 piece puzzles, four 300 piece puzzles, and four 500 piece puzzles. Kasi always asks for help when she is doing her puzzles, and I am more than willing to lend a hand. It gives us an opportunity to spend some one on one time together, which is something we don't do enough of. I think it might be a middle child thing, and since I know how that can be, I try to make special time for just her and I. Puzzle time is fun time at our house.

And of course I had to find something Ryan would like, and when I saw this there wasn't a doubt in my mind. It's the 64 piece MagNext iCoaster. It comes with directions on how to make ten different coasters, or he can use his imagination and design his own. You can set it to music, with twenty background sounds and sensor beats, or plug up your MP3 for your own songs. I know he would enjoy this, because he loves playing the roller coaster design games online. With this, though, he can see hands on if his designs work.

I now know where I need to do some Christmas shopping this year. They have such an awesome selection and reasonable prices. You are sure to find something for any aged kid. I know I was.


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