Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Junior And His Tattoos

Junior has a tattoo. He got it a week after we met, and I didn't know about it until after it was done. He had a friend of his write my name on his arm, and then use a needle and ink to do an at home tattoo. I was shocked. First, that he would get a tattoo like that, and second, that it was my name, because we knew each other lass than two weeks at the time. He was pretty sure of himself.

A couple of years later, the tattoo faded, and he had it redone professionally. They just traced the name, and then he had two roses put underneath it. He's been wanting another one, but I have been hesitant. He wants to get the kids names put on his shoulder, with their birthdays, which would be kinda cool. But then he wants to get a huge one across his shoulder blades. He can't decide what he wants that one to be, but all his suggestions so far I have hated. I wouldn't mind if he got tribal tattoos or something symbolic, but I am against all the demonic looking ones. I know he wants something masculine, but it doesn't have to be gross, too.

I'll be sure and post some pictures if he does end up getting another. I'm too chicken to get one. I don't like pain.

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