Monday, May 11, 2009

Saltwater Fish

I am trying to convince Junior that we should get a fish tank to put some saltwater fish in. I love the colors of the fish, and there really isn't anything more relaxing than watching them swim around.

This little black and white fish is great. It reminds me of a zebra. Too bad they don't have any that remind me of an elephants. You all know I would have a tank full of those.

I would want some live coral too. I honestly had no idea that there were so many different varieties. I love this purple and pink one. They also have purples with different colored circles. I think it would look cool if I used all purple, but with different accent colors.

Salt water fish come in so many different colors and sizes, too. I was checking out some pictures, and found this clown fish. This, of course, led me to wonder how closely I could get my tank to the one in the movie Finding Nemo. My kids would love that, and they had such a beautiful variety of fish.

Whatever we decide to put in it, I know we will love the results. I grew up having a huge fish tank in our living room, and I remember my dad training the fish to jump out to take the food out of his hand. I don't have the patience for that, but I would love to be able to sit and watch the fish swim. I am sure that will be relaxing.

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